Farzan Law

Mar 2022 - Ongoing

Los Angeles, CA


New website attracted 1,500 more monthly visitors and increased client inquiries by 75%.

TAG Media Space transformed Farzan Law’s online presence with a sleek, user-friendly website. The intuitive design and improved navigation led to higher traffic and more potential client engagement.

  • What services did TAG Media Space complete for your company?

    They created a website for my law services.

  • What was the goal of this project?

    I needed a website to showcase my law practice. I practice a specific type of law so I wanted people to see that. I also wanted my case results to be seen on the site.

  • How did you find TAG Media Space?

    Through a friend who previously worked with TAG.

Image of Farzan Law's website

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  • Provide a detailed explanation of the services TAG Media Space completed.

    TAG created a logo, a website and a database of my cases.

  • How has TAG Media Space impacted your business?

    I did not have a website before the creation of this one.

  • How well was the project managed through communication?

    Great, we got to collaborate a lot through the process. I got to make revisions through Markup.io, and also appreciated getting notified constantly that things were getting done.

  • What did you find most impressive about TAG Media Space?

    How well the whole project came together. They were interested in what I do as well which helped TAG understand further what I wanted for the site.

  • Are you a current customer of TAG Media Space?

    Yes, we work together monthly to update anything on the site.