Noah and Daniel Buy Houses

July 2023 - Ongoing

Silicon Valley, CA

Experienced a 50% increase in property inquiries through their revamped website.

TAG Media Space transformed Noah and Daniel Buy Houses’ website into an appealing and user-friendly platform. The new design attracted more visitors and led to a substantial increase in property inquiries, enhancing their real estate business.

  • What services did TAG Media Space complete for your company?

    They created us a new website for our home buying business. We are using the website for Google Ads and to generate leads.

  • What was the goal of this project?

    Our focus was on boosting our online presence – more website traffic, more clicks, and a bunch of new customers. Thanks to TAG Media Space, we achieved our goals.

  • How did you find TAG Media Space?

    Tahor, the owner of TAG Media Space, was introduced to us by a friend who had previously worked with him. Knowing his expertise and passion for digital marketing, we were excited to collaborate, and it’s been a rewarding partnership ever since.

Image of Noah and Daniel Buy Houses's website

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  • Provide a detailed explanation of the services TAG Media Space completed.

    They completed the website for us and came up with all the content and what goes where. So far, the landing page has been converting non-stop.  

  • How has TAG Media Space impacted your business?

    TAG Media Space’s work has had a big impact on our business. We’ve seen our online visibility skyrocket, and that’s translated into increased customer engagement.

  • How well was the project managed through communication?

    The project was smooth sailing with TAG Media Space. They were organized, communicated effectively, and were quick to respond whenever we had queries.

  • What did you find most impressive about TAG Media Space?

    What stood out for us was how much TAG Media Space cared. They were really dedicated to doing a great job and made sure we were happy with the results.

  • Are you a current customer of TAG Media Space?

    Absolutely! TAG Media Space continues to be our steadfast companion throughout this digital journey. Their unwavering support and consistent updates have played a pivotal role in our success. Working with them has been a match made in heaven!