Secret Sesh

Oct 2021 - Ongoing

Los Angeles, CA

Email list grew by 1,500 subscribers after launching a targeted campaign.

TAG Media Space executed an email marketing initiative focused on Secret Sesh’s target audience. The strategic outreach led to over 1,500 new engaged subscribers.

  • What services did TAG Media Space complete for your company?

    Revised our old website and created a platform for our media and events.

  • What was the goal of this project?

    To advertise and sell tickets to our events, to be able to cannabis related media publications, and a contact form for vendors to sponsor our events.

  • How did you find TAG Media Space?

    They have built some other cannabis sites within the industry.

Image of Secret Sesh's website

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  • Provide a detailed explanation of the services TAG Media Space completed.

    We wanted to create a similar website to large promotional websites. So that was what was done for us.

  • How has TAG Media Space impacted your business?

    We now have a website to be able to sell tickets through and promote the events as well. We have a large audience, we needed a solution for the traffic the website was getting.

  • How well was the project managed through communication?

    Good, we showed the TAG team what we wanted and explained in detail over the phone.

  • What did you find most impressive about TAG Media Space?

    They were able to create a customized website on a great budget. Other agencies that we approached were pricing the project at double the price we paid.

  • Are you a current customer of TAG Media Space?

    Yes, we work with them to update anything for our events and ticketing.